Book a curated visit to an artist's studio and connect with the Berlin art scene

The new art experience!

coGalleries is an online art platform that makes it accessible for you to view the Berlin art scene from an insider’s perspective. Our studio visits allow you to meet any artist on the coGalleries website with a curator to guide you through their studio. By opening the doors to where art lives, you can get a more personal experience with the artist and learn about their artworks. Unique from a gallery visit, everything is put in the hands of the artists and all of our events happen at the artist’s studios, whilst all purchases are made directly with the artist themselves.


Join local studio-hosted openings and discover art and people within inspiring spaces.


Buy artwork from our hand-selected online gallery, or from a curator-lead visit in the artist’s studio.


Support the art you love and become a part of a greater culture with other creative individuals.

Upcoming Studio Visits & Exhibition Openings